Transmitted from father to son, the ayahuasca is the most ancient Amazonian’s healing ceremony.

The simple mix of two plants, After numerous studies, has become an extract of more than 25 medical herbs.




A treatment cycle leads to a wellness state of the body and mind increasing clarity and vital energy which derive from the better physical health asd general detoxification of our body.

The Country Club Pititinga cooperates with major Amazonian Shaman Doctors such as Doctor Jorge González Ramírez,  Doctor Sol Ernesto Gonzàlez GUILLERMO ARÉVALO AND OTHERS.




Ayahuasca is an useful remedy to both

physical and mental diseases, such as

depression, anxiety, Insomnia, stress,

bulimia, anorexia, addiction to substances.


In the advanced form, it can treat effectively conditions such as diabetes, gastritis, ulcer,

joint pain, asthma and others.





The ceremony takes place in the evening (06.30/07.00pm) in an octagonal hut called maloca. And it lasts for about 5 hours



During the previously 8-10 days it is strongly recommend

a light vegetarian diet (ev. White fish, no meat) and

to abstain from the consumption of alcohol and drugs.

It is advisable to avoid taking medicines, especially psychotropic drugs.

In any case before the ceremony you will meet the shaman

for a private conversation to discuss your problems and solve doubts.

On the day of the ceremony you can have a complete vegan meal,

thereafter and until  the evening ceremony eating is not permitted

in order to allow the natural cleaning of the organism.

It is suggested to be dressed comfortably (possibly withe jogging suit),

bring a pillow and a light plaid.

Immediately before,  prepare yourself by relaxing

and meditating for a while.

We strongly recomend to follow this diet

before having the ayahuasca cerimony.